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Jadea Kelly Performs for Ottawa Home Concerts January 18, 2014

Music…..Music….Music with Jadea Kelly in private concert

I discovered an enchanting songstress by the name of Jadea Kelly when she was interviewed on Bandwidth by Amanda Putz. She is a delight AND we have her coming to perform on Saturday, January 18th! Check out her music.

Accompanying Jadea is Zoe Sky Jordan on vocals AND Darryl Poulsen on guitar of the Slocan Ramblers. Darryl is no stranger to us as he performed here last year (and again on Valentine’s day in 2014!). An amazing musician, we really look forward to having him. Zoe comes with music in her blood, being the daughter of Amy Sky & Marc Jordan.  Her unique voice compliments Jadea’s perfectly. We are so lucky to have Zoe, a friend of Jadea, in concert with her!

For additional information email me at Carole@EvansTeamOttawa.com or contact me at 613-271-8120.

Jadea Kelly


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