February 2019 Newsletter

Hello friend,   I want to give a huge shout-out to all of you who have shared our name with friends/family/colleagues recently! From gym partners to military members to family members, both in Ottawa and throughout North America...we appreciate this business so much. My adage that "nothing affects the real estate market [...]

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January 2019 Newsletter

As many of you know, my husband is on the hunt for a donor for a kidney and is currently going through that process and then, God willing, the transplant process itself (with dialysis in the middle of all of this I suspect).      My fear is that you may think..."I [...]

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December 2018 Newsletter

Okay...those that know me well know that Christmas is NOT my favourite time of year. I hate decorating my Christmas tree (thank goodness I now have a wonderful daughter-in-law, Sarah, who loves decorating it), dislike Christmas Carols, hate baking (plus being married to a diabetic means that it [...]

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November 2018 Newsletter

The City of Ottawa installed the rink boards in Huntsman Park a few weeks ago and with the snow now here I am anxiously awaiting that wonderful sound of a puck hitting the boards and of children's laughter. I often will videotape these sounds and send them off to the mayor and [...]

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October 2018 Newsletter

October! A time when you normally think of Halloween costumes or vacationing someplace warm in the winter months or about the upcoming Christmas season.....I am going to suggest something else for you to think about...buying an investment property! Right now the city is currently experiencing a record low for vacancy rates with [...]

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September 2018 Newsletter

Happy Fall????? It feels awkward even breathing that word with all that has happened this September end with all of the loss incurred by so many people in the tornadoes, and loss of loved ones. The positive aspect….. it has brought our community together and allowed so many people and businesses to [...]

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March 2018 Newsletter

First things first...please add this link...http://evansteamottawa.com/welcome/current-listings-all/ to your desktop or smart phone home screen to access to our listings and find out how you can search for all listings (we will come back to the WHY you should do this later). "Where are all of your listings?" It is a question that I [...]

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January 2018 Newsletter

Less chocolate?. More exercise!. More reading!. More efficient!. WELCOME TO 2018!! We all make our commitments to change of some type. As technology moves forward, our team also changes our approach. This year we are trying out a new advertising medium for our homes for sale as well as our services. When [...]

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November 2017 Newsletter

Education….it should never end….and learning in real estate is no different than in any other profession. In fact in many cases it can be MORE important. Case in point…. A recent course on Radon Gas that I took, given by Kelley Bush, Head of Radon Health and Awareness with Health Canada. (Brilliant presenter, by [...]

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September 2017 Newsletter

This is the last newsletter that Barbara Granata will be a part of!!  No...she has not quit! It is with great joy that I share with you that Barbara Granata is soon....as in Sept 30th.....going to become Barbara Dods! Yes....Barbara  is getting married! We will share her wedding photos on Facebook so if you [...]

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