///March 2018 Newsletter

March 2018 Newsletter

First things first…please add this link…http://evansteamottawa.com/welcome/current-listings-all/ to your desktop or smart phone home screen to access to our listings and find out how you can search for all listings (we will come back to the WHY you should do this later).
“Where are all of your listings?” It is a question that I have heard numerous times over the past months. There are a lot of agents that have a copious amount of listings…so why don’t we?
1. We like to sell our listings…not collect them! We work hard to not only sell our listings but also to get top dollar for them. One of the advantages of having fewer listings on at a time is that you get an awful lot of our marketing attention!!! You are not just a number!
2. In many cases we encourage our sellers to find a house with us before they list their house…and there simply is not a huge inventory at the present time. There is a log jam of people wanting to buy and having places to sell. We DO have a lot of listings coming up!
3. A lot of agents now subscribe to a service, which is now legal, called DDF, where they can post on their website every other agent’s listings and promote them as their own. We prefer to not confuse you so…and this is the exciting part…we are now giving you a one spot searching site right on our website, to listings right across Canada!! And don’t forget…if you need a Carole clone…in another area in North America just ask us!
So here is the link which we suggest you put on your desktop OR your home screen on your smart phone to access ALL listings.
Talk soon!

Recipe of the Month: Fruit & Nut Cookies

Carole recently met with some new clients to discuss listing their home in Dunrobin Heights (coming soon!). She was lucky enough to be treated to not only great company but “the best cookies she’s ever had in her whole life”. We’ve got the recipe for you here:

Assemble/ chop as necessary about 6 cups of the following (or your choice). This can be done the day ahead. 
– red and green cherries (I cut the big ones in half)
– mixed peel and/or citron
– dried apricots (chopped)
– nuts: Brazil (chopped), pecan, slivered almonds (easier on the teeth than uncut ones). I use pecans when Brazil nuts are out of season, as they are now.
I also add 1/4 to 1/2 cup candied stem ginger (comes with liquid) and/or dried candied ginger, chopped finely
It helps to mix these well before adding to the cookie dough.
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
In a big bowl, cream 1 cup softened butter with 1.5 cups white sugar. Add 2 eggs, beating between each, and 1 teaspoon vanilla.
Add 2.5 cups all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon (or more) cinnamon, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1 teaspoon baking soda.
Mix well, then add the fruit/nut mix.
Integrate the bits well so that they’re distributed fairly evenly in the dough — the dough is hard to turn, but keep going!
Drop tablespoons (or heaping teaspoons if you prefer smaller) onto cookies sheets, either greased or covered with parchment paper.
Cook about 8 to 10 minutes. Leave on sheet for a couple of minutes as they will settle and stay together better when moving to racks to completely cool.
These freeze very well. I find it’s best to freeze them once they cool completely.
I put them in small baggies (for portion control, LOL) and then in larger freezer bags.

Listing Spotlight: 49 McIntosh Place

Our new listing at 49 McIntosh Place in Katimavik is SO wonderful! You walk into this home and know right away how well taken care of it has been. The owners built the home with MacDonald builders in 1981 and they have lovingly maintained it ever since…putting the time, careful thought and money into every upgrade and update.

Click HERE for a very extensive list of items in the home that have been updated including, but most definitely not limited to, the roof, the windows, the kitchen, the bathrooms (the powder room has to be seen to be believed!), the landscaping, appliances and more. Everything down to tiny details such as the light switches and soft close cabinetry has been thought of.

Another great thing about 49 McIntosh Place?? Its school district…..we have two of the top 4 schools as options for your children should you live here. They are Earl of March High School with the public board and Holy Trinity Intermediate and High School with the Catholic board.

Not only will living at 49 McIntosh Place give you a worry-free life with regards to home maintenance…you will also know that your children are going to great schools!

Give us a call to discuss seeing the house today!

NEW FIND: Bees For You, Ontario Wild Woodland Honey

This is such a neat find! A way to support the bee population for the health of bees, our environment and ourselves. Did you know that honey is not only good for our general health but it helps keep away even severe seasonal allergies!

This group has a site of wild forest in a protection zone where they place the bees and you can purchase hives just for you! From each hive you will receive 10 jars of 1000 grams of honey. And you get this without the work and bee stings, Bees for You does it for you.

Read up more on their website.

Here are the purchase options:



Option One: A Full Hive Partnership

You’ll own the whole beehive, and you’ll get the full 10 jars of Wild Forest Honey. That’s 10 jars of 1000 gm.

Sign Up Price for Full Hive Partnership:
CAD $ 220.00

If the full beehive is too much, we also offer a partial option.

Option Two: A Part Share Beehive Partnership

This is a more affordable option.

You’ll own a share of the beehive, and you’ll get 5 jars of Wild Forest Honey. That’s 5 jars of 1000 gm.

Sign Up Price for Part Share Beehive Partnership:
CAD $ 110.00

If your needs don’t exactly fit the above two options, we’re happy to help with customizing for you. Talk to us about a partnership size to suit you.

We would like to remind you that 4 kg of honey – minimum for adults and 2 kg for child should be used for a whole year with benefits for your health!

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