///The Cost of Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

The Cost of Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

We came across this story on the Royal Bank of Canada’s “Discover” website where they share great tips and tricks for home ownership, real estate market, financial security and more. It’s a great spot to get some good information and we love that they shared this story of a woman who decided to try and sell her home on her own. She found the process to be overwhelming and unsuccessful due to missed opportunities, less than attractive offers and low buyer confidence in her as a seller of her own home. We come across this time and time again when people have tried to sell their own home. You can read the full story on

Investment risk and uncertainty in the real estate housing market

the RBC Blog HERE. In short, she ended up hiring a realtor and had a great experience!

Also on the blog area Five benefits to working with a real estate agent:

  1. Market Knowledge. Rossana’s real estate agent knew what comparable condos in her neighbourhood had sold for, and the inventory on the market at the time. This enabled her to have an informed perspective on a reasonable listing price and acceptable end selling price.
  2. Visibility and Presentation. From professional staging to high quality photos, Rossana’s real estate agent presented her home in a highly attractive manner that was appealing to potential buyers. And because she could list the property on Realtor.ca, those looking for properties online could browse the photos and features of Rossana’s condo 24/7.
  3. Administration and Coordination. One of the things that Rossana underestimated was the time commitment required to sell a home privately. Her real estate agent took care of all the showings and open houses, allowing Rossana to be completely hands off until it came time to review an offer.
  4. Professional Real Estate Networks. As an established agent, Rossana’s real estate agent could connect with others working with buyers in the neighbourhood, and present the property to those in her network, further widening the net of potential purchasers.
  5. Negotiation Skills. Rossana’s real estate agent had significant experience negotiating deals and was in a great position to get Rossana the best possible price for her condo — Rossana didn’t have to do any of the negotiating herself.

We take pride in our work and there is nothing that we love more than giving the best possible experiencing to all of our clients buying and selling homes. It is a stressful time, a big decision and a huge financial investment. Let us do the dirty work…the fact finding, the behind-the-scenes communicating, the research, the presentation…it’s what we love to do and we are good at it!

To find out more about our buying and selling process please give us a call at 613-271-8120.


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