///Update on Kanata Lakes Golf Course

Update on Kanata Lakes Golf Course

Kanata North City Councillor Jenna Sudds has provided an update on the potential development of Kanata Lakes Golf & Country Club. News of the potential development of this green space first came about in December 2018 and was met with a lot of opposition by not only residents of Kanata Lakes, but throughout Ottawa, as residents tried to protect the green space we have in our communities. Jenna Sudds was the leader of this opposition.

Now, a letter from a city lawyer has confirmed that the City will stick up for the “40% agreement”, which protects green spaces in the Kanata Lakes area. This agreement dates back to 1981 and the old city of Kanata where the former municipality signed an agreement with Campeau Corp to maintain 40% of the development area in Kanata Lakes as green space. City lawyers say that this deal was assumed in the 2001 amalgamation of Kanata into Ottawa and it gives the City the right to take over the golf course at no cost if the owner, in this case Club Link, does not want to continue running it. ONLY IF the City chooses not to run it can the owner apply for a redevelopment permit. Therefore, confirmation from the City that it will stand by the 40% deal is great news for residents and owners in Kanata Lakes, particularly those who paid a premium to back onto the golf course green space.

While things are not entirely settled yet, we can be sure that the City at the very first sign of a development application from Club Link will ask the Club Link to abide by the 40% agreement.

We will keep you posted with further updates as we receive them. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions about how this affects you and your home.


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