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RSVP NOW: Tasting Ottawa with Orto Trattoria

We have booked our first Tasting Ottawa event of 2019 and we couldn't be more excited. Carole has dined here before and absolutely loved it. We've arranged a private event with our group...more details to come. "O'rto" means "kitchen garden" so you can just imagine the food...local, seasonal, beautiful...delicious. The event details are below: When: Wednesday January 30, 2019 at [...]

January 10th, 2019|

Tourism in Ottawa: What to Watch in 2019

There will be a lot going on in Ottawa this year, for residents and for tourists. Here are give major items to keep in mind for visiting tourists this year AND for yourself and your family. 1. Parliament Hill Obviously a large tourist draw for the Capital city, Parliament Hill will continue to be so during 2019 but it will [...]

January 8th, 2019|

Elgin Street Renovation: What You Need to Know

Today, Phase 2 of the Elgin Street renovation begins with the 16 blocks between Gloucester and Isabella being its focus. Wider sidewalks, landscaping, changes to infrastructure are all part of the plan. There will be some major traffic disruptions during this time so the Ottawa Citizen has put together a guide to help during this time. The major work of [...]

January 7th, 2019|

Weekly O-Train Update

Here is what happened this week as work on Ottawa's much anticipated light rail system continues into the holiday season. Information and photos are courtesy of the City of Ottawa. This will be the final construction update for 2018 as the year comes to a close.  Weekly updates will recommence in January 2019.  Construction and testing activities have progressed to [...]

December 21st, 2018|

Weekly O-Train Update

Christmas is just around the corner but crews are still hard at work at Ottawa's much anticipated Light Rail system. Here's the update from the City. Photos courtesy of the city as well. Multiple trains are running a closed loop between Blair and Tunney’s Pasture Station in full Automatic Train Operation (ATO). The western stations progress with mechanical and electrical [...]

December 14th, 2018|

Weekly O-Train Update

Work on the Ottawa Light Rail continues on. We have the latest update for you here, information courtesy of the City of Ottawa. The big news this week is that multiple trains are running in automatic test mode through uOttawa and Tunney's Pasture. Also, many decorative finishing touches are being made to the stations themselves. West Stations Tunney’s Pasture Station [...]

November 30th, 2018|

Our Evening with Carp Garden Services

We had our annual wreath-making evening with Carp Garden Services last night and fun was had by all! I think I say every client event is our favourite....but really they are all so good it's hard to choose. Last night was no exception. Taking place in the Show Barn at the Carp Fairgrounds, every year we gather with Tim Dyer [...]

November 30th, 2018|

Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday. If you're not aware, Giving Tuesday is a movement to give back particularly after the busy shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Created to harness the potential of social media and the generosity of people around the world to bring change to their communities....locally, nationally and internationally. Charities, companies and individuals can all partake [...]

November 27th, 2018|

Testing for Radon Gas

It is that time of year! Winter is the best time of year to test your home for radon gas. Here's what we know about radon gas and radon gas testing: Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas released when uranium in soil and/or rock breaks down. Radon is invisible, odourless and tasteless. Radon does not tend to be a [...]

November 22nd, 2018|

New Rent Control Legislation in Ontario

The Ontario government has just released new legislation regarding rent control. Essentially as of now, if a newly-built OR newly-converted rental unit is occupied after today, it will not be subject to rent control. Here is the exact text to which it applies to: Rental units located in a building, mobile home park or land lease community, or located in [...]

November 19th, 2018|